Hellenic Society for the Study of High Energy Physics (HeSSHEP)


Vector Technologies


Vector Technologies was established as a major supplier of measuring instruments and high technology systems specialized in sales, marketing, technical support and after sales service.

Today the company is recognized as a pioneer and one of the most specialized companies in the domestic market. Vector Technologies, which is certified with the international standard of ISO 9001:2015, has a significant and in depth experience and offers innovative solutions and measuring systems on the market of telecommunications and electronics.

With new organizational structure and constantly oriented in technological innovations, we can achieve even greater efficiency for the services provided and help our customers in choosing the best solutions corresponding to their needs. 

Our mission is to provide to our customers the most suitable solutions for their specific requirements, always combining the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

Our strategy is working in cooperation with the world's leading suppliers, along with the high expertise of our people and this is a guarantee of quality and success of our services to every electronic application.

Our facilities are located at Vrilissia Attikis and besides the offices include warehouses, integration center, demo center and training facilities.

Prisma Electronics


Prisma Electronics provides technology-based solutions for businesses and organizations. Through its R&D and technical divisions Prisma Electronics designs, develops, and manufactures a wide array of IT, smart-grid and wireless-based systems, and integrated electronic components. Based in Northern Greece, Prisma Electronics is proud to offer commercial and custom solutions to its clients worldwide.

Agriculture, culture, shipping, ground transportation, defense, space and commerce all benefit from our product lines. Prisma Electronics maintains its production and management facilities in Alexandroupolis, Northeastern Greece. Activities in our branch office in Athens focus on Sales and R&D. The New York Office is responsible for Marketing and Sales operations in the US market.

The production procedures involved with the manufacturing of electronics are complex and require a high degree of precision, safety and state-of-the-art equipment. Our production facilities are fully certified and capable of producing a full range of electronic components to the highest standard.

Prisma Electronics insists upon the highest level of competency and specialization in our workforce, and we back this up with an emphasis on continuous training and skills-improvement. Prisma personnel hold degrees in Electronic, Electrical, Computer & Industrial Automation Engineering, Programming, Physics, and other related specialties.

Prisma Electronics has built a reputation for innovation through cooperation, and the company works with many key partners. Our collaborators include leading National and International Academic and Research centers and Technology Clusters. Indicative is our work with ESA, CERN, the Greek National Technical University, the Corallia Innovation Cluster, and more.



ElektroMech is an enterprise with dynamic development and diverse activities in the field of electronic and electromechanical products, manufacturing and installation. The concern organization supports optimum efficiency and quality, providing high level of products and services with the purpose to accomplish every customer target. ElektroMech is based on constant improvement, and is focused on the customer by always trying to surpass his expectations.

The enterprise activities are focused in the following sectors:
Manufacturing Services: assembly, cabling and harnessing services 
Security Systems: burglary and fire alarm, CCTV, access control 
Electrical Systems: electrical distribution, power supply and conversion 
Automation Systems: entrance, heating and lighting automation

RENTRON Electronics


Rentron Electronics was established in 1979 and today is one of the biggest Greek companies that is specialized in the design and construction of precise metal parts. Using its vast experience in manufacturing metal parts, Rentron has succeeded in producing a wide range of components that are distinguished for their excellent quality and also their innovative and effective design. Rentron has invested and equipped with hi – tech machines, like CNC punching machines and CNC press brake forming machines. Following the quick development of technology Rentron can satisfy the customers’ demands and 

Rentron is capable of producing a wide range of various products in small or large quantities. The product designing is achieved by special CAD/CAM programs specialized in processing sheet metal having the ability of 3D display of the final product so as the client’s demands are satisfied in the highest level. The client’s satisfaction is great due to the reason that while the product is under construction even before it is completed, the client is able to know the product, to see it, suggest as well as forecast problems which may arise in future. According to designing and elaboration procedure five experienced designers are occupied fully qualified, with innovative ideas about metallic constructions. 

The policy which the company follows is quite efficient and expanding so as Rentron is not only restricted in special constructions but also in standard products which successively promote to market.Rentron Electronics entered vigorously into the telecommunication field as soon as it was first beginning in local market, constructing a wide range of standard products such as cabins (Racks) with a variety in size and in requisite components. 

The above cabinets because of the smart and ergonomical way of their design provide the capability so as the telecommunication & networking systems to be expanded and used with easiness. By this way Renton has succeeded in earning a respective proportion of market as well as expanding its clientele rapidly. A large amount of production concerns special constructions which are adjusted to the client’s needs and also accomplished by our specialized staff. 

The evolution as well as the actualization of the complicated, technical and standard metallic construction is based on a well organized production line which is consisted of the following sections:

Integrated Systems Development


Integrated Systems Development S.A. (ISD) is an independent organization established in Greece in 1998 under registration number 40235/01AT/B/98/82. The company operates under the laws of Greece, having the headquarters in Maroussi, Athens Greece and a branch at Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

ISD is active in the domain of Integrated Systems (IS) of guaranteed quality and performance. It is an R&D organization working with system houses, software houses and integrated circuit manufacturers. Actually ISD acts as an original electronic equipment developer and integrator, providing services ranging from software development for embedded and general purpose platforms, to digital and analog/RF integrated circuit design, memory design, to digital signal processing for embedded/stand-alone applications and PCB design. Moreover ISD is a turn-key solution provider handling all aspects of product definition, design, development, documentation, production and support. ISD is also actively involved in the field of telemedicine.



The company operates out of owned , 4.000m2 facilities in Athens.
Consistent and sunstainable growth as well dynamic international collaborations have dinstinguished TEMMA as leading force of the Greek industry. Furthermore, its high competitiveness has granted the company recognition as a manufacturer of high-tech products for the Defense and Aerospace Industry.

Pioneering mechanical equipment and high expertise enable the company to manufacture, in strict compliance with international specifications and standards, products intended for: